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Country owning cryptocurrency

The UN Report

The UN trade and development body UNCTAD shared a list  of top countries owning cryptocurrencies.

7. India

India is ranked number 7. Nearly 7.3% of Indian population owns cryptocurrencies

6. United States

US is ranked number 6. 8.3% of US population owns cryptocurrencies

5. Kenya

Kenya is ranked number 5. 8.5% of Kenian population owns cryptocurrencies

4. Singapore

Singapore is ranked number 4. 9.4% of Singapore population  owns cryptocurrencies

3. Venezuela

Venezuela is ranked number 3. 10.3% of Venezuelan population  owns cryptocurrencies

2. Russia

Russia is ranked number  2. 11.9% of Russian population owns cryptocurrencies

1. Ukraine

Ukraine is ranked number  1. 12.7% of Ukrainian population owns cryptocurrencies

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