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Losing billions in crypto crash

The Forbes Report

Acc. to recent report published by Forbes, Crypto billionaires lost combined wealth of $116 billion since March 2022. The top losers are shared next.

Sam Bankman Fried

The Founder and ex-CEO of now bankrupt FTX exchange fallen from $24 billion to $0 in December 2022.

Gary Wang

Gary Wang is the co-founder of FTX exchange who is also charged by SEC. Wealth fell from $5.9 billion to 0.

ChangPeng Zhao

The founder of Binance holds 70% stake in the exchange valuing worth $65 billion in March is down to $4.5 in December.

Brian Armstrong

Acc. to Cointelegraph the CEO of Coinbase was worth $6 billion in March. He is now down to $1.5 billion in December.

Chris Larsen

The Co-founder of Ripple XRP is down from all time high of $4.3 billion to $2.1 billion

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