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What is

Founded in the year 2016, is an exchange and a promoter of digital assets. It's also the creator of CRO or Cronos coin Founders

The company was founded by Kris Marszalek along with 3 other co-founders Bobby Bao, Gary Or, and Rafael Melo. The exchange has over 50 million users

Top Products

1. Pay 2. 3. Exchange 5. Crypto Visa Card Check the details-

What is CRO coin  used for?

CRO is the native token of blockchain. It is used to pay for the gas fees, discounts & to avail financial services. Total Supply is 30 billion

Cronos Coin record  token burn

At the start there were 100 bn CRO tokens. 59.6 bn were destroyed & 10.4 bn burnt via SC. 70 billion token burn set the record burn in history

Entering South Korea has made 2 key acquisitions to enter the South Korean market. Increasing hope for CRO coin. Details -

Will CRO coin  reach $100?

CRO has rallied in 2021 bull run hitting $0.97. It has the potential to hit $5 but $100 is tough due to limited usage & poor ecosystem

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