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EARN GARI with Chingari NFTs

What is Chingari?

 Launched in India, Chingari is a short-video platform like Tik-Tok. It has its native currency GARI that serve as in-app rewarding token

Chingari Founders

Chingari was developed by Sumit Gosh, Biswatma Nayak & Deepak Salvi. The app has over 50 million registered users

NFT Marketplace

Chingari NFT marketplace Creator Cuts will list creator's video NFTs  with a buyer rewarding system.

GARI & Passive Income

The buyer will receive 10% of the daily income from the purchased NFT in GARI token based upon the video engagement level & creator's reach

Will user own the NFTs?

Yes, the buyer will be the owner of the NFT. GARI is Solana token, therefore NFT will follow blockchain level security

Similar Concept

The concept of rewarding buyers from creator's work is getting a lot of attention. Solcial web3 social network is also working on the same idea

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