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Chiliz chz coin

Chiliz chz coin

What is Chiliz Crypto?

Chiliz is a blockchain project that connects sports teams with loyal fans. It gives direct voting power to fans to influence the decision making process of their teams.

Chiliz Founder

Chiliz was founded in 2016 by Alexandre Dreyfus, a serial entrepreneur from France. The ecosystem went live in 2019.

Product Market Fit

Chiliz found a gap in traditional engagement services that sidelines an average fan's influence on the team. Chiliz empower these fans using the Socios app.

Chiliz Coin

CHZ is the native token of Chiliz. Its an ERC20 & BEP20 token that is used to purchase Fan tokens. Check the complete details-

Why use Chiliz Coin?

CHZ fuels Chiliz ecosystem. It drives the Socios (app) economics. Fans should have CHZ token to purchase fan tokens issued by their team like $BAR, $PSG

Chiliz Ecosystem

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Can Chiliz reach $100?

From UFC to Football Chiliz has an impressive list of partners across the sports industry. However, CHZ coin needs a wider use-case to hit $100. $5 is the best possibility

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