ChainLINK Oracle

ChainLINK Oracle

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink is an open-source blockchain oracle that provides real world data from off-chain to on-chain for smart contract computations like weather forecasts

Face of Chainlink

Chainlink was founded in 2017 by Sergey Nazarov (CEO) and Steve Ellis. The mainnet went live in 2019. Check LINK details -

What is an Oracle?

Oracle is not what is shown in the movies. Oracle is a service that provide data from the real world to on-chain  for executing smart contracts accurately


LINK is the native currency of Chainlink. It was launched as ERC20 token with ERC223 "transfer & call" functionality. Nodes pay in LINK to access the data

Chainlink Partnerships:

1. Google Cloud 2. SWIFT 3. AAVE 4. Solana Explore Partnerships-

Will Chainlink  reach $100?

Its possible for LINK to reach $100. The project addresses the pain points of blockchain & smart contracts. It is here to stay and grow with industry.

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