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BlueBenx  hack story

What is BlueBenx?

Started in 2018, BlueBenx is Brazilian crypto lending platform. It guarantees up to 66% return to investors

The BlueBenx Hack

On 14th August 2022, BlueBenx reported a hack that drained $32 million ($160 million Real) from its treasury chest.

The Mass Layoffs

Soon after the news. BlueBenx laid-off the majority of its employees, hinting an inside job.

The Controversy

Many investors believe this to be a home cooked story since BlueBenx is failing on its promises of delivering higher returns.

Affecting Users

Moments after the announcement, BlueBenx froze withdrawals for all of its  22,000 users.

Wait. What if?

The hack problem is getting common in the crypto industry but is it really the case or a hoax  to save the companies?

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