Is Bitcoin  going to  Zero?

Is Bitcoin  going to  Zero?

What's Happening  to Bitcoin?

From ruling at $60,000 per token to mere $20,000. Bitcoin has fallen 70% in value.  The worst crypto crash in the history of crypto markets is here.

What about  AltCoins?

Many Alt coins are either buried or on a life support.  ETH being the  investor's fav. has fallen  to $1000 recently.

Things turned Ugly

The market crash was bad but it got worse after the collapse of the following crypto giants, shared in the next slide.

The LUNA Tragedy

Terra blockchain native token LUNA  lost 100% value and crushed the trust of investors on cryptocurrency.

The Celsius Bankruptcy

Celsius is the famous  crypto bank. Along with  3 Arrow Capital, both these giants are hinting insolvency. Details below -

Who's to blame?

The savings of Retail  users have already been deteriorated by inflation. People are in the survival mode & pulling out money from the market.

Tip for  Crypto Investors

Can you survive if  Bitcoin hits zero?  If yes, then its better  to keep the money  in the market and  wait for the bull run.

Is Bitcoin really  going to Zero?

NOT at all. Bitcoin has a real world use-case.  It's the digital  currency of nations  like El Salvador  & a digital gold.  Here to stay!

Next 6 months  forecast

It's all about inflation. Best case scenario will be Bitcoin hitting back $60,000. Worst case scenario will be $10,000 per token.

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