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Binance Tokocrypto takeover

About Tokocrypto

Launched in 2018, Tokocrypto is the first hybrid crypto exchange in Indonesia. It allow users to trade crypto assets and commodities

Native Token

Tokocrypto Coin TKO is its native BEP20 token. TKO is the first local Indonesian cryptocurrency project with DeFi & CeFi utilities.

Binance takeover

Binance extended the control from 51% to 100% shareholding. Completely controlling Tokocrypto

Firing CEO

Binance has fired the founder & CEO of Tokocrypto exchange Pang Xue Kai. He will be replaced with interim CEO Yudhono Rawis

TokoCrypto Layoffs

Tokocrypto will layoffs 58% of its staff after Binance takeover. It is done to cut cost to company.

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