Binance CEO pushed G20 leaders for crypto regulations – Katoch Tubes

THe King of crypto want regulations

About ChangPeng Zhao

ChangPeng Zhao or CZ is the founder of world's largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

The Dark Crypto Days

The recent FTX crash caused Domino effect resulting in the crashing of crypto markets. Worst days in 2022.

CZ Appeal to Leaders

Zhao called for new but stable  & clear regulations  for cryptocurrencies during the gathering of G20 leaders in Bali

Binance stopped FTX deposits

In a tweet, he stated that Binance has stopped FTX token FTT deposits and urged other exchanges to do so

Why CZ didn't buy FTX

Swipe up and learn why Binance withdraw itself from the deal.

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Where is SBF?

Swipe up & checkout the latest update on the bankrupt founder SBF.

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