A look back at the biggest crypto hacks in 2022 – Katoch Tubes

Top hacks in  crypto winters

WormHole Bridge Hack

Wormhole is an Omnichain bridge. Hacked in Feb 2022,  the hackers stole 120,000  WETH tokens valuing worth  $325 million

Ronin Chain Hack

The Ronin sidechain by Axie Infinity game was hacked by North Korean hackers. $630 million were stolen in ETH & USDC

Beanstalk Farm

Beanstalk is a stablecoin protocol based on Ethereum. Hacker stole $182 million and donated $250,000 USDC to Ukraine.

Nomad Network Hack

Nomad network was hacked in August for $190 million. $22 million has been recovered  after it promised 10% of funds to hackers.

BNB Bridge Hack

BNB cross-chain bridge Token hub was hacked for $566 million. 90% of the funds were traced. However, hacker got away with $100 million

FTX Alameda Scam

Swipe up to learn about Alameda CEO  & FTX co-founder Gary Wang confession

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