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Hidden GEM AVAX Coin

Hidden GEM AVAX Coin

What is Avalanche crypto project?

Avalanche is a scalable & interoperable blockchain compatible with Ethereum. AVAX mainnet went live in Sept 2020

Face of Avalanche

Emin Gün Sirer along with two co-founders Kevin Sekniqi, and Maofan Yin founded Avalanche in 2018

Avalanche Specs:

1. Tx Speed: 4500 2. Tx Finality: < 2 sec 3. Consensus: POS 4. CPU Optimal 5. Language: Solidity

How does  Avalanche work?

Avalanche uses snow protocol consensus mechanism. Click the link for details -

What is AVAX Coin?

AVAX coin is the native token of Avalanche. Its used to pay for the gas fees, governance, rewards distribution etc. Total supply 720 million

Top 5 projects on Avalanche -

1. BENQI 2. Pangolin 3. Trader Joe Check complete list -

Is Avalanche better than Ethereum?

Yes, in all aspects AVAX is better than ETH. However, no blockchain is more securer than ETH & no one can beat Ethereum's ecosystem.

AVAX Competitors

Can Avalanche  reach $1000?

Looking at the 5 year horizon. It's possible  for AVAX to hit $1000. That's because of decreasing supply & ecosystem growth.

Is Avalanche crypto  a good investment?

AVAX is a good investment in the bull market. The project is promising and has a growing ecosystem. It's our investment pick.

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