Arweave - Store DATA permanently

Arweave - Store DATA permanently

What is Arweave Crypto?

Arweave is a decentralized, censorship resistant storage network that allows permanent data storage. Webpages can't be deleted or modified once published

Face of Arweave

Arweave was orginally named Archain & was launched in 2017 by Sam Williams, a computer scientist. Check the project details -


1. Type: Storage Network 2. Token: AR 3. Supply: 66 million 4. Competitors: FIL, Sia Checkout its competitor -

Arweave Permaweb

Permaweb is a decentralized web of permanent web pages  built on top of Arweave. It's the layer to run dapps  & monetise digital assets.

AR Token

AR is the native currency of Arweave. Users must pay AR tokens to the network for storing files  & the nodes must accept AR tokens as payments.

Arweave Mining

Miners are rewarded to store and retrieve the data for the users. They also help run the Permaweb. More storage attracts more rewards.

Will Arweave  reach $1000?

Arweave can hit $1000 based upon the demand and limited token supply. The platform is in growth stage. It will surely boom.

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