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APENFT - the  NFT Universe

What is APENFT?

APENFT marketplace is a multichain GameFi, Metaverse & NFT trading platform for everyone


APENFT aims to transform once premium art pieces to NFTs while connecting artist to the blockchain technology.

The Team

APENFT is headed by Steve Liu a financial expert with advisory from Christie's and Sotheby's institutions.

Blockchains Supported

APENFT is a multichain platform  for Ethereum, Tron & BNB chain. It uses BTFS decentralized storage system.

The NFT Token

NFT is the native token  of APENFT. It's a TRC-21 token used for governance. Supply: 999,990,000,000,000

What's for users?

Users can get NFT token by participating in creating, commenting & displaying work in APENFT platform.

Will APENFT reach $1?

Given the supply & use-case. Its nearly impossible for NFT token to reach $1

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