AMZ600x & AMC440x Scam or legit?

What is AMZ600x?

AMZ600x/AMC440X is Amazon's own cryptocurrency. But wait! why Amazon need to launch cryptocurrency in the down market?

The Video

A video has been circulating on the internet talking about presale of AMZ token. We dig deep into the channel

The YouTube Channel

The video published on youtube has received over 25K views & has 102K subscribers but their  overall views are just 43K

We checked the Presale

We have checked the Presale link and it takes BTC, XRP,USDT, BNB,ETH and  ADA as payment &  not Fiat currency.

Red Flag

We took the deposit addresses to the scanners. BNB & XRP wallets doesn't exist while Ether & BTC have no record of any transaction

More Red Flags

AMZ tokens doesn't have a whitepaper. The tokenomics is in the air. Moreover excessive bonus rewards is another red flag.

Is AMZ600x Scam?

We think its a scam. Why will big company like Amazon need youtube to announce the token launch & raise funds from public?

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