Deep Dive into AMP Coin

Deep Dive into AMP Coin

What is AMP Project?

AMP project is the creation of Flexa Network Inc. A  New York based firm offering digitally secured transactions.

What is AMP Coin used for?

AMP is an ERC20 token. It is a collateral token designed to decentralize the risk in the payments. Total supply is 100 billion

AMP Coin Background

Flexa held Flexacoin ICO in 2018 & later introduced AMP to support staking. Swapping tokens  in 1:1 ratio

AMP Tokenomics

Flexacoin tokenomics is AMP Tokenomics. The swapping ratio is 1:1 and so does the token distribution.

How does Flexa work?

Flexa has SPEDN app to allow merchants with digital transactions. Checkout the details -

AMP Benefits:

1. Multi Currency support 2. Universal Collateral 3. Staking rewards 4. Merchant friendly 5. Secured transactions

How to buy AMP coin?

AMP can be purchased from Binance, Gemini & DEXes like UniSwap & SushiSwap. It's also available on Flexa apps.

Can AMP coin  reach a dollar?

Absolutely NOT. AMP is a collateral & not a currency. It's use case is limited & the value will be kept low for smooth operations.

Alternate Investment

Checkout Dogecoin. It can reach $1. Details -

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