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Everything about Agnipath Recruitment Scheme

Everything about Agnipath Recruitment Scheme



Agnipath Scheme is  a recruitment  process for  individuals below  the rank of officer  on a 4 year contract  in the armed forces.  It has been hit with a backlash & protests  by the aspirants.

What is Agnipath recruitment scheme?

Agnipath Scheme is  a process of  recruiting young  blood into the armed  forces (Army, Navy  & Air Force) on a  4 years contract,  with certain benefits.

What's the required age group?

Men and women  between the age  group of  17.5 to 21 years  can apply to the  Agnipath  Recruitment Scheme.

What's the eligibility Criteria?

Enrolment will be  under  "All India All Class"  basis. The steps will include medical test,  campus interviews  & exam. Qualified candidates  are called Agniveers

What's the Salary package?

The salary package  is as follows - a. 1st Year: 4.76 lakhs b. 4th Year: Upto  6.92 lakhs c. Post Release:  11.71 lakhs with insurance cover of  48 lakhs

First Agnipath Recruitment & Terms

First Agnipath will commence in  Sept-Oct 2022.  After 4 years, 25% of Agniveers  will be retained &  serve for next  15 years. The remaining 75%  will be rejected.

Criticism Received from the public.

1. Zero Pension  under  the scheme. 2. Highly unstable  option for army  aspirants with 75% rejection rate 3. Not a democratic decision

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