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Moving into our New Home at Gurgaon, India with a House hunting checklist

It’s time for us to move into our new home. A new place with more positive vibes. It’s a small yet well-furnished apartment located at the heart of Gurgaon, a famous city of north India. For several months we’re hunting for a location and an apartment that can fit in the budget and qualifies our house hunting checklist which we have prepared from our experience after living in two different locations.

Start of House hunting in Gurgaon:

As a rule of thumb, to make things easier, you just need to call a broker, choose your preferred location, visit properties, and finalize your favourite. Sound simple right! But that’s not the case anymore. We were looking & searching for the perfect property at the time of the COVID era when the lockdown was the talk of the town.

We visited several Indian websites however, we were unable to contact any broker because of their non-availability due to lockdown. This does give us some time to reflect on our choices and fine-tune our house hunting checklist shared below –

New Home, A house hunting checklist:

S.NoHouse Hunting Checklist
1Better Sunlight.
2Well Furnished and newly constructed.
3Have balconies with ample space to sit and relax.
4Good ventilation.
5No external interruptions.
6Modular Kitchen.
7Complete privacy.
8Car Parking.
9Near to the grocery market.
10Water facility 24X7

After a month’s time, we finally got our hand on some properties and made a visit. These properties were located 20 Kms outside the main city but because of their attractive price and known builder, we thought of giving it a try.

The property was built by DLF, a famous builder of North India. All were 3 BHK flats which were located inside this huge society. The flats were good but the construction was old. We did like it but after some soul searching we thought of letting it go because of the distance from the main city.

A few days later, somehow we recalled our last broker and that’s when the Eureka moment happened. He knows the exact flat that we were looking for and sent us the beautiful pictures of the apartment house. Located at the heart of the city which exactly fits our checklist. This was a WoW moment for us.

The rent was attractive. We jumped on the opportunity and booked it on the same day we made a visit. You can see in the video which has been shot moments after we made our first visit to the location.

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Snaps of our New Home in Gurgaon:

Finally, our search ends here. We’re writing this post after spending a handsome 4 months in the house. We love every day waking up in this property, with ample sunlight, water, space to move legs, and complete privacy. This property is far better than the previous one.

We hope you liked our post and video on our New Home at Gurgaon, India. Checkout our next post on Delhi to Jaipur roadtrip followed by meeting pawsome, the best dog breeds in India and couple games.

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