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Wife’s First Car Drive | Learning to drive a car independently to work

It was D-day, the moment we were waiting, for a long time to happen. Her first car drive to work was recorded live in front of the camera after learning to drive a car from the car driving school. This was her first time on the driver’s seat of our own vehicle.

Start of First Car Drive:

In the early morning hours, we switched seats, that’s when she got hold of the steering. To begin with, it wasn’t smooth, we all have been there, the moment when you drive for the first time after getting your license approved by the authority.

You may sound confident but driving for the first time in your vehicle does give you chills. After all, it’s all on you. No one to guide, no one to push that hand brake for an emergency. It’s you! that’s when the fear falls and confidence builds up as you can see in the video –

Learning to drive a car independently to work Vlog:

We started with little hiccups, the first gear shift is always the crucial part for a new driver, a little mismatch and the engine goes off. But when we hit the highway, the ride turned out to be smooth and calm. Though one should be aware not to overspeed or shift lanes abruptly on the highway.

The driving was smooth until we took the exit and entered into the bumpy and tight road where she was required to shift gears frequently. Since our car was manual, the gear shifting was a task for her, being a beginner. But somehow we managed to overcome the obstacles and moved ahead.

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The face-off with fear finally came at the red lights, when the vehicles try to overtake you from both sides once the signal turns green. It isn’t easy to look at the mirrors and drive at the same time when vehicles are around you vrooming! But again, slowly and steadily she moved and we crossed that final milestone.

That was the moment when we reached her office, with her on the driver’s seat for the first time ever. It was the moment of success for both of us which we celebrated later, in the evening at 32 Milestone Gurgaon.

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