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From Delhi to Jaipur by road | Visit 5 Best tourist places in Jaipur by car

One of the best road trips we had was going from Delhi to Jaipur. A quick 5 hours ride and you arrive at Jaipur. Also known as the pink city of India, it’s a great tourist attraction spot that attracts not just local tourists but also legions from other nationalities.

We studied the city and found the 5 best tourist places in Jaipur with 1 bonus location, which can be travelled by car or any other form of transport within a weekend. This post will take you through our journey and our experience visiting these places in Jaipur.

Our previous road trip from Delhi to Dharamshala was equally exciting. However, it took us 9 hours to reach the destination which is not the case here. We started early morning at 7:30 am and despite traffic congestion at the border, we still managed to reach our destination at 1:00 pm. The road was smooth and without traffic. Here are the 5 best tourist places in Jaipur covered by us.

From Delhi to Jaipur. Best Tourist places in Jaipur –

  • City Palace
  • Hawa Mahal
  • Nahargarh Fort
  • Jal Mahal
  • Chokhi Dhani Village
  • Amber Fort

City Palace & Hawa Mahal:

City Palace and Hawa Mahal are two well-known and must-visit places in Jaipur. The best part, both are located within 500 m radius and within the main city. City Palace is known for its museums and Hawa Mahal is known for its architecture. Entry Free inside City Palace starts from Rs 200 while Hawa Mahal is best viewed from the outside. Park your vehicle at City Palace at a charge of Rs 80 a day. You can also shop at the nearby shops for jewellery and souvenirs.

Nahargarh Fort & Jal Mahal:

Nahargarh Fort is situated at the hilltop. The Fort is known for its sunset and sunrise view. Built for defence, you can watch the pink city by climbing on the rooftop of the fort. The vehicle parking and entry fee is Rs 50 each. Remember, the timings to visit the Fort has been changed and it extends till 10:00 pm as per our last visit. The Fort is accompanied by Jaigarh Fort. However, you can only visit one of the two if you’re short on time.

Join us on our Road trip from Delhi to Jaipur by car –

Coming back from Nahargarh Fort you will encounter the mesmerizing view of Jal Mahal. Unfortunately, the entry to Jal Mahal is restricted and it can be watched from the outside. But you can shop for the best marble crafted products at the market near Jal Mahal.

Chokhi Dhani Village & Amber Fort:

Before I take you through these places. Remember, these two locations are poles apart geographically. Therefore, we visited Chokhi Dhani on the same day we reached Jaipur and reserved the next day for Amber Fort. Chokhi Dhani is well known for its authentic Jaipuri-style food.

The cuisine is the main highlight of the place coupled with various activities like camel and horse riding, games, etc. The entry fee to the place is Rs 800 for adults and Rs 500 for kids. If you want to taste authentic food, this is the place to visit. The parking is free and the best time to visit the place is at night after 8:00 pm. Please call the premises to confirm the opening and closing timings.

Moving on to the next day we visited our last destination i.e Amber Fort. Among all forts in Jaipur, Amber Fort is the best. Located near Jal Mahal. The Fort is easy to reach. The parking is available for Rs 80 a day.

The entry fee to the Fort is quite cheap, just Rs 20 at the time of writing this post. The main highlight of the place is the famous Amber Elephant ride that takes you inside the fort at a charge of Rs 1100 per elephant. The elephants look healthy and fit. If you’re interested, you can experience this joy ride.

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We covered Jaipur over a weekend. The plan was to cover as many places on day 1 before moving on with day 2. Therefore, we covered 5 places when we reached Jaipur and relaxed before covering the final destination i.e Amber Fort, and moving back to Delhi.

It was a fun weekend travelling from Delhi to Jaipur. We totally recommend you to visit Jaipur. The best season to visit the city is in the winters from December to February. I hope you enjoyed reading the post. Do check out my post on Red Fort of Delhi and remember to share the post with your friends and family members.

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