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Meeting Pawsome | Dog breed for India | Cute puppies Vlog

It started as an ordinary day before turning extraordinary. It’s the best and pawsome day for us. Never in our dreams, we imagined encountering a pack of cute puppies, the finest dog breed for India, and for anyone around the globe.

It was a lazy morning hour, we sipped our coffee, had a special “Aloo ka Parantha” in breakfast before jumping on to our daily chores. We were planning to create the next video, the next playlist in line before our cousins informed us about the cute puppies being taken care of by one of their friends in the neighbourhood.

The idea was to meet with him followed by watching a movie in the nearest mall i.e Ambience mall Gurgaon. We thought of creating a vlog for the same, a memory of the day visiting with our cousins and watching the movie.

However, the moment we reached the venue, we were taken by surprise. We were thinking of just a puppy or two but God! it was a moment of excitement. We met a whole lot of cute puppies, the best dog breed for India as shown in our vlog –

Dog breed for India | Cute puppies Vlog:

We first met Alex – the Almighty, a 1 year old Husky before we moved into the friend’s apartment where the pack of cute puppies was waiting to jump on us. From Saint Bernard to Beagle we enjoyed our time with each one of them. Here’re the names of the cute puppies listed below-

Cute Puppies Name:

S.NoDog Breed TypeCute Puppies Name
2German ShephardSteffy
5St. BernardKindle & Sugar
6Siberian HuskyAlex

Long story short, we decided to spend the whole day surrounded by cute puppies. Cancelled our movie plan and played, fed them with delicious dog food till they fell asleep on our laps. We’re glad to have shot this vlog. It brings us happiness every time we watch it. We hope you will love it too.

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That’s about our day with meeting the cute puppies, the best dog breed for India vlog. Please do like and share the vlog and check out our next vlog post on Wife’s First Car Drive to work

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