Written by:Nikkil Visha

Couple games to play | World map wall sticker | Time challenge

Hear us out, this is one of the best couple games you will ever play together as a team. It’s fun, it’s creative and it will make you understand each other better. We named it “Wall Sticker Pasting” – A time challenge.

The game is relatively simple. You have to take the world map wall sticker and paste it in your living room or any wall of your choice with your partner. Make sure you both are ready before you jump into the activity.

The challenge is to paste the sticker accurately on the wall in the minimum time possible. To win the game you need to break our record of 1 hour 2 minutes.

To reveal our story, it all started as confusion for both of us before we brainstormed the best possible process to get it done smoothly without fighting! We did have some disagreements in between but that’s what the game is about, to get things done together, listen to each other, and work together towards the direction of progress.

Watch our couple games in action:

Order your world map and remember you will have a set of disagreements, a little clash over the process but that’s what the task is about. By the time you are done solving the last puzzle, you will know how effective are you as a team and how well you did in completing the task together. Know your couple power and check out the best birthday gift for wife

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