Solcial social network

Introducing Solcial | Solana based Censorship resistant social network

If you ask me the reason why users and communities are switching to blockchain technology, my answer will be decentralization and ownership. Blockchain provides a platform that cannot be controlled or manipulated by corporate giants or governments. It has become a playground for buyers, sellers and traders executing over a million transactions per day. Social …

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Nova finance Nova coin

Nova Finance | Solana based crypto Portfolio Management Platform | Invest Worry Free

Decentralized Finance is growing by leaps and bounds. The top DeFi protocols have registered TVL (Trading Value Locked) worth billions of dollars. Despite the technological advancements, DeFi protocols require manual intervention when a user wishes to make changes to his portfolio. Imagine if an investor gets hold of programmable assets that can manage & automate …

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defi land dfl coin review

DeFi Land | Gamifying Decentralized Finance in multi-chain agriculture-simulation game

Finance is a tricky business, especially when you don’t have a friendly relationship with mathematics. Many users stay away from cryptocurrencies because of the economics involved. Crypto processes like swapping, staking, farming etc sound complicated and in fact, they’re if you’re new to trading. All thanks to DeFi Land for addressing this issue. It has …

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Sundaeswap Sundae Coin review

My personal experience with SundaeSwap DEX on the Cardano blockchain | Complete Details

You may have heard of Ethereum, Binance or Solana decentralized exchanges but have you ever heard of Cardano DEX? Thanks to SundaeSwap, Cardano(ADA) blockchain now officially has its own decentralized exchange that facilitates the trading of Cardano tokens like PAVIA crypto and more. Launched in 2022, the project had a rocky start due to network …

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