Only Her, the name speaks for itself. A product created for women after carefully understanding and answering your period related queries on our website & on our Youtube channel. It contains much-needed information about the period related medicines, their benefits, dosage, side-effects along with a personal assessment software. It’s all in one solution to your period related problems. Why wait more, get “Only Her” today.

Only Her - A digital period product by Katoch Tubes 2021

A Period Product

"Only Her" is women's only digital product. It contains the complete information about the major period tablets, from period delay to pregnancy and more.

Personal assessment software

"Only Her" is equipped with a personal assessment software which is helpful in letting you know whether or not you should take the tablet.

Device FriendlY

"Only Her" is a device friendly product which works on all types of digital devices from laptop to your mobile phone. You must have Microsoft Excel to use the product.

Exclusive Facebook membership

Once you have made your purchase. You're invited to join our members only Facebook community of like-minded people. Offer limited to first 500 orders.

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Frequently asked questions

“Only Her” is a women’s only product created to aware women of any age about the various period related tablets, pregnancy pill, period health medicine with complete details. It’s one of a kind digital product which contains an inbuilt personal assessment software which allows women to check whether or not they can take the period delay tablet, pregnancy tablets or health syrup. It will also guide them when they need to consult a doctor. You can sit at the comfort of your home and get your assessment done hassle free, in complete privacy.

There’s no such age limit to purchase the product.”Only Her” is an informational product and can be purchased by women or girls of any age.

In order to use the product. You need to make a payment using our secure payment gateway by clicking the Buy Now button. Post your payment, you can download the product from the Thank You page. Alternatively, you will also receive an email with a payment receipt and product download link.

Yes, once you make a purchase. You can access the product for lifetime. Remember to login with your correct email ID and password and it will be available under your purchased items.

At the moment, our secure payment gateway only supports transactions within India. However, if you’re outside India and wish to purchase “Only Her”, we request you to drop an email to We will get it arranged for you via PayPal.

We have created a special video on the product. You can watch the video to understand and know complete details about “Only Her”. It has been beautifully covered by the creator of this product herself.

Reach out to us, if have further questions or post purchase queries. Contact Us