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Day-9 of jobless employee, Unemployed in India, Podcast series

Jobless employee unemployed in India podcast

Welcome to Day 9, episode 9 of the emotional journey of a jobless employee, unemployed in India. Yesterday we talked at length on building up Sweat Equity and I hope you understood the importance of it in your life.

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Today I may sound a bit philosophical, because the topic that I have chosen for the day is something that came from my pure observation.

So the theme of the day is “Outlook towards life”.

Not a long time ago, I was watching one of the speeches of my favorite author Sir Robert Greene. The author of 48 Laws of Power & Mastery. In that video, he passed on a remarkable statement that just blew my mind. He said that everyone on this planet has a unique set of DNA which will never ever be repeated, which means the 7 Billion people alive on this planet have a different set of DNA structure and it cannot be repeated even if we turn to a trillion numbered species?

Isn’t this an amazing thing to know that you’re born unique, there will never be one like you. As a child we never doubted it. However, once we hit adulthood, the responsibilities took over, and most of us got consumed by our own work that we never gave a thought to our existence.

For the last 1 week, I was dropping my wife to work and on my way back, I can see legions of people rushing, honking, getting angry, or sad on their way to work. The cycle was repeating every day.

Reminds me of the movie Matrix. It’s more like a well planned structure, the perfect system. I was part of it, if I hadn’t quit my job. I was one among them, rushing to work everyday and everyweek. That’s when the statement came back to me about our uniqueness. That’s when I thought we as an intelligent species are missing something in our lives.

How can one not realise his potential to break the silo and rise? Well the answer was simple –

Work hard on yourself, as you do on your job.

That’s the mantra that came to my mind after a deep thought. It’s so simple isn’t it, if we work hard and put in the same efforts we are required to put in on our jobs we will get a similar outcome. To get promoted, to get that raise we do our best to grow professionally then the same can be replicated in our free time.

I know most of us including me get tired after work and just want to Netflix and chill. I get that. It’s true we need so-called Me Time. But in the end, it all boils down to “How bad do you want it?”

If you’re ok to spend the rest of your life working on a job and loving it too, there’s nothing best in the world than that but if you’re just living to pay your bills and mortgage, then something isn’t right which must be changed.

And the thing about change, it takes time. Remember about sweat equity in my last episode, One brick at a time till it becomes a wall.

That’s exactly we need to do here. Let me take my example on this topic, I am jobless now but I need a job, I don’t have enough savings but time, I am free, I am working on myself, taking new courses, managing my activities, I do feel sad sometimes but that doesn’t stop me to lay 1 brick a day.

There are two real-life scenarios I love to share with you, happening right at this moment. There are two guys who lost the job one was me and one was my friend.

Scenario -1

A friend who’s searching for work for the past 1 year

This is his condition as we speak. I have never in my life saw him drinking before and here he is consuming liters of beer and vodka per day and he never refrain from cursing the government and the system.


My scenario

I have liquor stored in my refrigerator and got Netflix too. I can just chill have a beer and Netflix that’s a good way to spent time, but here I am writing my script, recording my podcast, publishing that post. To many, this looks like a waste of time, why? Because I am not getting paid for it, that’s what an average individual think, if you’re not getting paid for it. It’s not worth it

To all those who have this belief, let me tell them this right on the face, with this mindset you will never be able to rise above your needs and serve the society. You need to love your work, improve it, and be willing to do it for free at the start, That’s how things fall into place.

Tomorrow I may fail in this endeavor, but I will always find a job to survive so will you. Do it for your life. Raise your standard and remember to work hard on yourself as you do on your job.

That’s a good dosage for today. Read it out loud again, to get those words ingrained into your mind. I hope you’re loving my episodes, If yes, please drop your comments below. Tomorrow is Episode 10, the last one of this season. So please join me, I love to hear your thoughts on this series of mine. Drop me your comments & love on my twitter id @paraskatoch. You can also email me on plus you can support me by donating on the support link. I see you tomorrow on Day 10. Have a good day, thanks for listening.

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