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Day-5 of jobless employee, Unemployed in India, Podcast series

Welcome to Day 5, episode 5 of the emotional journey of a jobless employee, unemployed in India, podcast series. In my last episode, I talked about “Practice what you preach” and ended it with a note on talking about the power of loneliness a.k.a isolation to be the topic of discussion today. If you’re loving and haven’t read all of my episodes. Today is the right time to do it!

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So the theme for today is “Power of loneliness

What is loneliness?

Going back to its dictionary meaning – Loneliness is defined as a sense of sadness because one has no friends or company.

Tracing it back in history, we the homosapiens, from the start of our time on the planet earth have to live together in order to survive the harsh environment around us. Isolation means death. Fast forward to the 21st century, Isolation is a way of life. Just stay at home and order your fav. meal without having to go outside with family or friends. Want to catch up with friends- just log in to messenger or Whatsapp, Want to share what’s going on in your life – share it on insta, Facebook or Snap accounts. But is this the real isolation we are talking about?

I agree we do have a feeling of loneliness when we see our feed filled with happy friends having a good time and somewhere we feel sorry for us for not living up to that standard of life.

Does this thought ever crossed your mind?

You must be thinking by now, What Paras, you started the episode talking about the power of loneliness but here you’re talking all the negatives.

Let me come to the point now. The true form of loneliness is not when you’re not surrounded by humans. A true form of loneliness is a free mind, a mind which isn’t waiting for orders, a mind which is happy in itself.

A lonely person with his own set of thoughts is what I am going to focus on today. Let me relate it to the work-life and a jobless life of being unemployed in India.

When we have a job in hand we are surrounded by roles and responsibilities. The meetings, the deadlines, the complaints, the appreciation, the rewards, the appraisal, and so on.

Have you ever stepped back for a moment and thought that all of this, the major part of your activity is planned as per the company or organization you work for

You have to keep yourself busy and surrounded to get the work done. Now answer me here, Are you working with a free mind? What your mind is into, can it work in isolation or does it need an external stimulus like some sort of a deadline or maybe a command from your boss to perform the next set of actions?

When was the last time when you let your mind wander into thoughts that create a vision? I guess for most of the working class, we are so much occupied with the day to day activity that we forgot to give our mind the time it needed to think.

That’s what isolation means. Being alone and working on your own set of thoughts and converting that thoughts into action when no one is watching you. But this form of isolation needs an important part of your life, that’s your time. And do we get time when we’re on a job?

I guess not, the more we progress up the ladder, the less time we have at our disposal. How do I know it, well you’re listening to an unemployed guy here. Who have experienced both worlds.

I have experienced the time when I do not have time and now is the time when I am wealthy on time

I never thought about starting my podcast when I was in a job, never thought of starting my youtube channel when I was in a job, never wrote books when I was in a job, (By the way, I do have 2 books written and listed on amazon – one by name Shackles you must break)

So How did it all happened?

Where does these thoughts came from?

When did I turned from being a consumer to a creator?

The Answer: It comes from the power to be alone, Loneliness, the gift you get when you’re not part of a system. Your mind and your purpose shall find you in loneliness.

But being lonely and feeling sad won’t help either. You need to keep on working every day on yourself without a boss, you need to start kicking your own ass, move your mind into action, read and learn every day, be it something related or unrelated to your field of expertise, let your mind wander and consume knowledge.

Build a cycle of consuming the right information every day which advances your skillset. Don’t fall prey to a consuming life. Build an attitude to give back when no one is rewarding you.

And there begins the cycle of greatness. Trust me loneliness is powerful.

Don’t feel depressed if you’re in a similar situation like me without work in hand, try building your own work, greatness takes time. I may fail tomorrow but in my heart, I will be the happiest person to take control of my life, at least for a while.

So that’s all for today! I would love to know your thoughts on the same. Drop me your message on my Twitter account. And if you love reading my content then support my podcast by clicking the link.

Day-5 is over, Day -6 is going to be filled with surprise, stay tuned, I see you tomorrow, thanks for listening

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