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Day-4 of jobless employee, Unemployed in India, Podcast series

Welcome to Day 4, Episode 4 of the 30 Day emotional journey of a jobless employee, unemployed in India, podcast series. The theme of today is – “Practice what you preach

In my previous episodes, I talked about uncertainty in life after the loss of a job and keeping my emotions positive by aligning my goals into my daily routine. That’s all about the good talk and today as we speak, day-4 is about practicing what I preached before.

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The motto of today is to test waters. Will I really be able to self-discipline myself without any boss around me? Hear it out how it all went today. My calendar which I layed out in my previous episode starting from 6: 00 am in the morning till 10:00 pm, well didn’t work out the way I wanted it to be.

The start was so bad I didn’t actually wake up at 6:00 am but at 8:00 am, talk about self-discipline here. It was such a sad feeling altogether to see the people around me going to work including my wife and I was sitting there like a primitive species. Can you sense the negative mindset taking over in early morning hours?

I can’t let that happen to me. Being a man of my words. I checked my calendar and here I was. Quickly brushed my teeth and had a breakfast before the clock hits 9. I was all set for the day.

Created youtube content – Check

Create Podcast plan – Check

Read and learn check- Check

 By the time clock hit 1:00 pm, I was hungry as hell but that’s ok, that’s how my clock worked after being in job life. If you’re working, you can relate how we all of us get hungry at the same time, a legacy we carried from school days to our death beds until we change something inside us.

Lunch is done and the drill continues till 5 pm and despite the poor start, I checked off all the tasks for the day just like I did on my job, but without any email, meetings, follow-ups, and no appreciation what so ever. It’s just me and the work. Nothing else.

Completing your own tasks is very much similar to achieving a goal. A feeling of triumph. No boss, no work pressure, a free mind  Felt good to be human today. Drop me a comment on my twitter if you have felt the same way to @paraskatoch.

I did end up the day happily and to narrate it in one word “at peace”.

Day-4 of being unemployed in India has passed with ups and downs but I made it guys.

So what I learned today while working on day -4 is the power to be alone, I think as a human being we have underestimated the power of being idle and lonely and I want to talk on it at length in my day -5. So let’s roll up to day-5 and talk about it. I see you there. Thank you have a good day.

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