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Day-10 of jobless employee, Unemployed in India, Podcast series

Welcome to Day 10, episode 10 of the emotional journey of a jobless employee, unemployed in India podcast series. Today is a special episode because today is the end of Season -1. Yes, this is the last episode of season-1. I will be talking about the podcast plan for today.

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So the theme for today is “ Way forward”. I started this podcast as a means to document my journey. And so far I have succeeded in documenting it every day.

The podcast will be divided into 3- season –

Season -1 is all about the start of the struggle and controlling my emotions by keeping myself busy and educated. Season -2 and -3 will the next in line.

I will speak about upcoming season i.e, season-2 which will be about getting through the job crisis and building up of an empire through sweat equity, It will cover a new version of mindset and success including failures which I believe I will get if I keep putting my efforts day in and day out. Season-2 will be a blast for all of you looking for a better life, better opportunities. I will be sharing my experience and my experiments in Season-2

So that’s it, I am wrapping up season -1, waving an emotional goodbye. It was wonderful having you. Feel free to connect with me on twitter. I love to be in touch with you. Please remember to drop your comments and support me if you like my work. Take care, I love you, Have a great life. I see you in the next season.

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