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What is Hotel Management about? Is it a good career option

What is Hotel Management about

Welcome to the new chapter on Hotel Management. In this chapter, I will take a dig into the most concerning questions and rumours surrounding this industry i.e What is Hotel Management about, and is it really a good career option?

I have seen many videos circulating on the internet talking about the hardships faced by the employees of this industry. There’s a lot of negativity circulating around this industry. I thought of stepping in and clear the air in order to put some of the false rumours to rest.

Let’s talk about it –

What is hotel management about?

Working Hours in Hotels –

One of the major concerns about having a career in Hotel management is long working hours. Most of the new joiners, especially freshers complain about the long working hours this sector demands and wonder if hotel management is a good career option for them or not.

I am not denying this fact. Hotel industry does require you to work long shifts especially at the start of your career. But guess what, this is a very common practice across the service industry. Take an example of the retail industry, I have worked in the retail industry at the start of my career, and believe me, it does drill you for a hefty 15-20 hours per day with no Weekends Off policy.

This is a necessary part of your career growth. It will help you learn each function of a working hotel. You can apply these learnings and excel ahead in the coming years. If you aren’t sure of the on-floor processes and operations, imagine how difficult will it be for you to advance ahead in your career when you are in a position to command a team that reports to you?

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Growth in Hotel Management –

The second rumour everyone talks about is the growth in this industry. As described in the video, this sector contributes to 8.27% of the total employment in India. If you take into account the impact, you can clearly visualize the volume of employment that this industry is generating, which automatically points towards the growth it’s achieving YoY.

The third rumour is that the industry is slowing down. To clear the air, here’s a study by KPMG which clearly shows that the industry is bound to grow to 16.1% from 7.5%. A clear indicator of being competitive with time.

Salary in Hotel Management –

Finally the most important and well talked about part of the industry is the poor salary. It’s been said that you will be paid peanuts when you start your job in the hotel industry. Well, that’s true but let’s check the correlation here.

Your salary is directly proportional to the skills and qualifications you have and it is totally in your hands. If you study hard and crack top hotel management colleges like IHMs or IITTM. It’s likely, you will start your career in a well-renowned company, and then if you carry on with the learning mindset, you will grow as fast as anyone in any other industry.

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However, if you just join the sector to pay your bills and never work on your skill development especially on your presentation and communication skills. Guess what, you will lag behind and keep receiving poor salaries and attract poor job opportunities.

Watch our video on What is Hotel Management about –

This covers my post on Hotel Management as a good career option. In the end, it’s all in your hands. No industry is good or bad. It’s how you look at it. Stop believing the rumours and develop an admirable personality. You will see success knocking right at your doorstep. Good Luck!

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