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Types of rooms in hotels | Hospitality Industry | Hotel Management Course

Continuing with the Hotel management course, we will cover the types of rooms in hotels. After sharing details on the types of hotels this is a special post covering the rooms category. Every hotel offers different types of rooms depending upon the capacity or class.

Choosing the right hotel is the primary goal of a tourist or a visitor followed by selecting the room he/she needs as per the requirements.

Therefore, an intelligent hotel layout with the right mix of rooms will help increase the occupancy rate and boost sales.

Please check the types of rooms based on the different parameters –

1) Single Room:

A room which has one bed and has an occupancy of 1 person only. It’s a completely private room with facilities that vary from hotel to hotel.

Single room in hotels
Single Room

2) Double Room:

A room which has 1 double room and has the occupancy of 2 persons. This type of room is highly favoured by the couples visiting the location and are always in high demand especially during the peak season.

Double Room

3) Triple Room:

A room which 3 beds. Here 3 or more than 3 persons can stay. Clearly, this type of room is for a small nuclear family. A parent with kids or a couple with their pet.

triple room
Triple room

4) Quad Room:

A room which has 4 beds. The beds could be 2 double beds or 4 single beds. The room is reserved by a group, teams etc for a gathering at one place. It is cost-effective for the group of tourists visiting the location.

Types of rooms - quad room
Quad Room

5) Queen Room:

The room has a queen-size bed. Specially booked by couples or newlyweds.

queen bed
Queen Room

6) King Room:

The room has a king-size bed. There’s not much difference in facilities between the queen and king rooms apart from the size of the bed.

Types of rooms - king-size-bed
King size bed

7) Twin Room:

A room with 2 single beds but they had separate headboards.

Twin room
Twin Room

8) Hollywood Twin Room:

A room with 2 single beds with the same headboard.

Types of rooms - hollywood
Hollywood Twin room

9) Suite:

It is composed of one or more bedrooms, a living room, and a dining area. It is excellent for the guests who prefer more space, wish to entertain their guests without interruption, and giving up privacy.

Types of rooms - suite

10) Cabana:

This type of room faces a water body, a beach, or a swimming pool. The best example is the hotels located in Mykonos Greece.

Cabana rooms

Types of rooms based on the Layout design –

11) Connecting rooms:

Rooms with individual entrance doors from the outside and a connecting door between. Guests can move between rooms without going through the hallway.

Connecting room
Connecting Room

12) Adjoining rooms:

Rooms with a common wall, but no connecting door.

Types of rooms - adjoining-rooms
Adjoining Rooms

13) Adjacent rooms:

Rooms close to each other, perhaps across the hall.

adjusant room
Adjacent Room

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For details, please watch my video on Types of rooms in hotels –

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