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Type of hotel jobs & departments in Hotel Industry | Hotel Management Jobs and Career Guide

In this post, I will talk about the type of hotel jobs & departments in the Hotel Industry. This chapter is especially for the students who are about to start their careers in the hospitality sector.

Hotel jobs & Hotel Departments: –

1. Housekeeping Department:

The Housekeeping Department is responsible for the total care and aesthetic upkeep of all the areas of the hotel and public spaces. Individuals who excel in Housekeeping Departments can easily get a job in the housekeeping department. Also, this department is responsible for the interiors and decorations of the hotel. Here the interior decoration graduates can also get a job. Learn about the types of rooms in hotels.

Reference book: Hotel Housekeeping

2. Engineering Department:

If you have done engineering in the field which relates to the following work then you can easily join the hotel industry under the engineering department. Engineers work in the hotel will be repairing and maintaining the plant and machinery, water treatment and distribution, boilers and water heating, sewage treatment, external and common area lighting, fountains and water features etc.

Reference Book: Hotel Engineering

3. Front Office Department:

In hotels, the front office is called the nervous system of the hotel. If you have good communication skills and fine knowledge about the working of the front office department like how to do the reservation, how to handle the guest and his queries etc. then you can easily apply in the format office of any hotel. The front office represents the hotel so here your skills matter a lot. Learn about types of hotels

Reference Book: Hotel Front Office

4. Accounting Department:

Accounting departments typically handle a variety of important tasks. Such tasks often include invoicing customers, accounts receivable monitoring and collections etc. If you are from the accounts department then you can easily apply to the hotel industry. For this position it does not matter whether you are front hotel management background or not, if you are from an accounts background then you are fit for this job. Reference Books –

5. Human Resource Department:

If you have done your studies in HR then you can apply to hotels also because hotels also need students for training, employment etc. All the activities which are done by HRs in other organizations are required to be done in the hotel industry also. So it is more option for the students who want to join the hotel industry. Reference Books –

6. Security Department:

The security department is to protect the guests and staff of the hotel, including all of their property. Also, the role of this department is to secure the premises and the property of the Hotel itself. The hotel security department has tasks like CCTV etc. So if you find yourself suitable for this department or you have some prior experience related to this file you can join this department of the hotel. Reference Books –

7. Food and Beverage (F&B) Service Department:

Food and drinks which are prepared in hotels are the jobs of a good chef and a trained bartender, so if you have done any certified course related to this then you can easily apply in this department. But here you should have experience as well the only you can get a job in a good and some big hotel. Now the F&B service means serving the food to the guests like waiters (the hierarchy of the job changes as per your skills). If you have good skills in the service department then the job is yours.

Reference Book: Food and Beverage Services

I hope by now you have got an in-depth knowledge of the hotel jobs and department types. If you want to know further details. Please check my video below –

Video on Types of Hotel Jobs and departments, Hotel Management Jobs and Career

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