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Salary in Travel and Tourism jobs in India and abroad | Earn upto 50K in these jobs

Salary in travel and tourism jobs

Welcome to the new chapter, today I will cover the salary in travel and tourism jobs in India and abroad. Irrespective of where you live, these are the salaries that you will receive when you start your career and some of these offer great potential for high income with experience.

Most of the students who are studying travel and tourism management or wish to join this course or industry have very little information about the salary they can get after completing the course.

I have mentioned well-paid jobs with their starting salaries that will help you all plan your career in tourism.

Travel and Tourism Jobs with Salary –

1. Travel Consultant:

The major job responsibility of a travel consultant is to evaluate the need of his clients. With a good knowledge of various options, foreign exchange, geographical locations, etc he can sell his products to clients. Here the products are travel packages. The starting salary for this profile would range between INR 20-25k. Learn about the top hotel management course in Canada.

2. Visitor Information Manager:

This profile is available mainly in hotels and restaurants. Visitor information managers provide all the necessary information to the guests residing in the hotel. They help their guests to have a tour of beautiful places nearby. The initial that you can expect in this profile is INR 20-25k

3. Event Manager:

These days people are more interested in making their events to be memorable. Hence they prefer destination or theme-based events like destination weddings, birthdays, etc. In this case, if you have good knowledge about such places where you can organize these events in a beautiful way then you can get a very good job. Here the major skills required are planning, organizing and execution. The expected salary in this area is INR 25-30k

4. Ground Staff:

The ground staff is majorly associated with the aviation industry. They are required for airline ticketing and reservation for helping in check-ins and check out etc. In this area, the starting salary will be a little low and would range between INR 15-20k

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5. Cruise Manager:

The cruise manager will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of the cruise and depending on the role or responsibilities the salary will be decided. Most of the time we have seen that cruise lines pay very good to their staff hence the salary in this area is debatable. You can expect it to be around INR 30-40k

6. Tour Guide:

Tour guides are responsible for giving a good and guided tour to their customers. This job is not handsomely paid but yes with good communication skills, you can earn some tips which could lead to a good amount. The initial salary in this area is around INR 15-20k. Suggested book on How to be a tour guide?

7. Adventure Tourism Expert:

To become capable of this profile, first of all, you need to get professional training for hiking, trekking, rafting, etc. Also, you need to invest in gear for the same, unless you are working for someone else but professional training in the same is a must.

You can earn a starting salary of INR 20-25k which can quickly rise to INR 50K plus depending upon the demand and season.

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