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6 High paying jobs in travel and tourism industry | Freshers Special

In this post, I will cover the jobs in travel and tourism industry. This is a bonus chapter to make you aware of the best opportunities available in this sector.

It will help you in finding better career paths. You have to keep in mind that for a fresher in this industry the salary would be around 15-20k (Check out Tourism and hotel management salary in India and abroad).

Remember, with good knowledge and better skills your salary will increase over time.

Jobs in travel and tourism –

1. Tour Operator/Tour Manager:

They are responsible for the operations or managing the tours. The major roles played by them are to take care of all the operations related to tours of people that include ticket booking, hotel reservation, sightseeing, guide facility, meals, etc. They are responsible to create and execute a package deal for their clients.

2. Tour Agent/Travel Experts:

The travel packages created by tour operators are sold by travel agents. Travel agents need not worry about any bookings etc. They just need to sell the pre-planned tours to clients and the management of the tour is the responsibility of tour operators only.

3. Tour Guides:

They should have good knowledge about the destination, its history, importance, etc so they can explain the same in a unique way to its customers. They can earn well if they had good knowledge of the common language spoken across the world. Most of the tourists book tour guides to get a better experience. Ref. book on Tour Guide

4. Airline Ticketing/Reservation Manager:

With a good knowledge of backend software used to book airline tickets or to do hotel reservations, you can get a good job in a travel company, airline ground staff, hotels, etc. Keep yourself up to date with some of the common software like SABRE, AMADEUS, etc.

5. Event Management:

You can also become a part of the event management company. The events organized out of state or country demand good knowledge about the tourism activities in that place so that arrangements can be done according to that. So here a travel expert can easily get a job.

6. Tourist Information:

These types of profiles (could be known by some other name also) are generally available on the cruise, hotels, etc so that guests can get all the necessary information about the nearby destination from there.

These are the major job profiles opted by most travel experts. If you have information about any other then you can share your knowledge in the comment section. Learn more about types of tourism.

Watch the complete video on Jobs in Travel and Tourism –

This completes my post on the top jobs in travel and tourism. Check out my next post on IITTM college. It’s one of the best tourism colleges in India. Remember to read my posts on hotel management. I wish you good luck with your career and studies.

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