Written by:Paras Katoch

Smart Work vs Hard Work and the role of a Boss in an Organization

When it comes to working, the most debated topic is, smart work vs hard work. Some believe hard work is the key to success, while others think it’s the smart work that trumps over hard work. It’s an endless discussion. However, if you listen to any random lecture on the internet, most of the time you will hear the beauty of smart work, working smartly considered to be better than working hard. But is it really the truth? Let’s discuss –

Smart Work vs Hard Work:

Does smart work always the better option when it comes to choosing between the two or are we missing something here. The irony of the situation is how can one be sure of performing either of the two if the path is unknown? The path here refers to the variables in a situation that you must change or fix in order to get the desired outcome.

What I want to highlight here, your hard work and smart work is a process that requires higher skills based upon your past experience. Just like higher management take the decision before launching a new product or a service in the market based upon the previous numbers. If the variables are known and have been revised in advance, the steps to take become easy. That’s where Smart work comes into play.

The problem arises when you’re put into a new situation where your past experience is of little to no use. The variables are unknown, all you know is the outcome you wish to achieve. Given this scenario, do you think of a possibility of working smartly? The answer is No.

You cannot work smartly when variables are unknown

This situation force you to carve your own path, start from zero and work hard until you reach the desired outcome. Hence, hard work becomes your only option. When faced in real life, most of us forget this scenario and try to work smartly and quickly, thus fail over and over again. Result, frustration and disappointments.

It’s the time when you need a boss or a mentor in your life who has traveled the path before you. Who has seen all the possible variables and achieved the desired outcome which you wish to achieve. With his expertise and knowledge sharing, your understanding of the variables improves and slowly you turn hard work into smart work. As a result, you are now able to reach the goal or get the outcome in the fastest possible time. That’s what the role of a boss or a mentor is in your life.

A mentor or Boss is one who helps you turn your hard work into smart work.

To explain the concept of Smart work vs hard work, i have created a detailed video where i shared an example of two people Amit and Bhola. Both with different mindset. Enjoy watching and learning from it.

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