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How mind works? Understanding Mind Goal Mechanism

Ever wondered how mind works? In this post, I will explain my theory of Mind Goal Mechanism which explains the various stages your mind has to go through before attaining a goal. Derived from my own life experience and ample failures. This post is the white paper of my work in understanding the stages of the mind. Let’s jump right in.

There are 5 shifts of emotions that you have to go through before you reach your goals.

Stages of Mind Goal Mechanism –

  1. Ignition
  2. Excitement
  3. Reality & Frustration
  4. Enlightenment & Perspiration
  5. Mastery
How mind works - Mind goal mechanism
Mind Goal Mechanism

1. Ignition:

Ever thought of a million-dollar idea while eating snacks or bathing in the shower? This stage is all about the spark or an idea that pop-up in your mind. The idea comes with an end goal. It’s the beginning of your long-term vision. There’s a clarity in your mind that propels you to take action. The clarity is termed as “Line of Focus” which connects your idea to the end goal. It’s like the backbone of your vision. Your idea will spread its branches and your mind will move into the next stage around the line of focus.

Line of focus - Mind goal mechanism
Line of Focus

2. Excitement:

This state of mind is more or less related to daydreaming. You have an idea in mind, you imagine the best possible outcome when your thoughts become a reality. You’re excited but actually, you’re daydreaming. I call it a Utopian dream. As a creator, you’re overwhelmed with positivity and visualize attaining your end goal without taking note of the next progressing steps.

Excitement - Mind goal mechanism
Stage of Excitement

This stage of mind disengages the tough decisions that you need to take or the possible hurdles you need to overcome before achieving your goal. It’s all about dreaming the good life, the best possible outcome before moving to the next stage.

Watch the complete video to understand Mind Goal Mechanism in detail –

3. Reality & Frustration:

Reality and frustration is the deciding stage of mind for an individual aspiring to achieve his goals. It is when the truth hits and the reality of hard work and discipline sink in. You’re out of the Utopian dream and the cycle of consistent roadblocks or failures hits you.

Reality - Mind goal mechanism
Stage of Reality and Frustration

This is the moment when you realize that your goal requires you to be more skilled, more knowledgeable and there’s a need to upskill yourself. It’s the Make or Break stage. Either you realize your shortcomings and work on improving them or you will give up and put your dream to rest. This is also the stage when you’re faced with Shining Ball Syndrome.

Shining Ball Syndrome –

As the famous saying goes “the grass is greener on the other side“, this syndrome adapts perfectly to it. It is when you face tough roadblocks in your life that push you to an edge of giving up on your goal or dream, you will then see a bright shining ball. Shining ball represents similar opportunities that can help you lead your dream life. It is covered as a promising business or venture waiting for your ignition.

Shining balls syndrome - Mind goal mechanism
Shining Ball Syndrome

When you reach this stage of mind, you will find the other areas much better than your own area of expertise. After facing the harsh challenges, you’re already at the edge of giving up. To take you out from your goal there’s a shining ball waiting to be ignited. Therefore, shining balls are nothing more than a distraction. They are indeed equally good opportunities but require a similar amount of hard work. You may believe it to be a shortcut to success like people switching from good employment to business ventures with a belief of earning more income but little did they realize that the amount of hard work is the same. Hence, you must avoid being attracted to the shining ball and keep your Line of Focus intact.

This stage is full of frustration, but it is the testing stage that will take you to the next step.

4. Enlightenment & Perspiration:

Finally, you have passed the test of failures and frustration. This stage is the most powerful state of mind which dilutes the time and focus solely on work. It’s the state of sticking to the Line of Focus and getting rid of the Utopian dream. You will dedicate all your time and energy to master your craft which will ultimately lead to goal achievement. Having said that, your mind will show little to no care towards the outcome, it turns its focus from the destination to the journey. This is when the ignition turns into enlightenment.

Enlightenment - Mind goal mechanism
Stage of Enlightenment & Perspiration

Enlightenment begins with the mix of perspiration. The more you work, the better your awareness expands hence an increase in the Awareness level as shown in the image. When the mind focuses on the process than the destination, time becomes meaningless because you will find more joy in honing your craft than worrying about the perfect outcome.

5. Mastery:

I call it the state of peak performance. It’s the final stage of your mind at which you will attain your goal irrespective of the circumstances around you. You have worked hard for a very long period of time, have gone through frustration and enlightenment. Along the way, you have built a carefree approach towards the end result. The work inspires you more than anything. It’s the stage when you have mastered your art. Mastery will give you recognition, a good marketing plan mixed with mastery yields fame and wealth.

Mastery - Mind goal mechanism
Stage of Mastery

Only a few among us attain this state of mind. You’re one of them.

The question you ask yourself changes. When the mind is in the first three stages, you will ask “How long will it take?” and when you enter the last two stages the question you ask yourself “How far I can go?

This is about Mind Goal Mechanism. That’s how your mind works towards goal achievement. You need to put in the work to master your craft and turn into a master before reaching your goal. Feel free to visit our About us page to know more about our work and checkout latest post on Smart work vs Hard Work

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