2022 witnessed the fall of Cryptocurrency but also the rise of Ethereum Name Service Domains

Getting a personalized ENS domain is the new trend in the crypto industry despite the bear market.

As per the article published by Cointelegraph, nearly 80% of the ENS domains developed & purchased were registered in 2022. Data revealed by Dune Analytics stated the rise of 2.82 million names as of Jan 2023 with 630,340 owners of ENS domains.

ENS is domain specific protocol built for the Ethereum blockchain. It allows users to identify wallet addresses by referring to the domain name rather than remembering the complete string of the address.

In September 2022, ENS inked partnership with Coinbase. Every ENS domain name ends with .eth, highlighting its relevance to the Ethereum blockchain. The craze is so high, there’s a dedicated collection of these domains in the OpenSea market.

There’s one major flipside to these domains pertaining to privacy. Users purchasing ENS domains will have their address represented with a domain name. This can ease the traceability of user transactions performed on the network.

Buying ENS domains is easier than it sounds. The process is somewhat similar to buying any HTTPS domain with a twist of blockchain. Users have to visit the official ENS website and connect the MetaMask wallet with the app.

Make sure to switch to Ethereum mainnet for smoother connectivity. Once done, just type in the desirable domain name and check the availability. If the domain name is available, the purchase can be made using ETH tokens.

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