Indian Car Manufacturer Maruti Suzuki launches Metaverse for the customers

India’s leading car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has announced the launch of its metaverse platform to provide users with a live virtual car experience.

Before stepping into 2023, Maruti Suzuki wants to give the taste of Metaverse to its customers. It does so by introducing ARENAverse, a metaverse platform build by the car manufacturer for its customers.

ARENAverse will showcase virtual car showroom that will allow potential customers to explore the company’s vehicles online from anywhere. It will also allow customers to connect with the sales representatives, giving them an immersive experience on the platform.

ARENAverse is the second metaverse built by Maruti. Earlier in 2022, the company launched NEXAVerse, a similar concept that allow users to explore vehicles using 360 degrees viewing angles. It resulted in 10,000 Grand Vitara car bookings.

Maruti holds 41.30% market share in the Indian car industry and the metaverse will help pump up its numbers.

In general, Metaverse aims to bring the real-world experience into the virtual world by allowing users to connect, chat, and share in real-time from anywhere across the globe. It provides an immersive experience that’s borderless and user-friendly.

Mahindra & Mahindra is another car manufacturer embracing the new technology by launching its own metaverse in 2022. More companies are opening up to web3 innovations in India, especially in the metaverse & NFT space.

Eicher Motors, the maker of the flagship motorbike Royal Enfiled has launched limited edition NFTs for bikers. Zostel, the leading hostel chain in India has also launched its NFT collection to attract users by providing benefits to the NFT owners.

Slowly but steadily, India is catching up with the global web3 adoption rate & may soon compete with global players as soon as the government brings more clarity on regulating virtual digital assets (VDA).

Expect Tata Motors to follow suit in 2023 in the metaverse space.

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