Logan Paul CryptoZoo NFT scam exposed by CoffeeZilla. What happened?

YouTuber turned NFT creator LoganPaul’s blockchain game CryptoZoo exposed by CoffeeZilla.

New year, new scam. This time its ‘CryptoZoo’, the blockchain based NFT game by YouTube celebrity Logan Paul. The project has been accused of a possible rug pull after another YouTuber Stephen ‘Coffeezilla‘ Findeisen exposed it.

Coffeezilla claims that the game itself was never playable and his investigation uncovered a lot of loopholes that can disappoint investors who invested in the game before its launch.

CryptoZoo is a Play-to-Earn gaming project built on Binance Smart Chain (BNB) based on trading, breeding and collecting animals like the famous Pokemon game. Doing so will allow users to earn $ZOO tokens.

The game NFTs are available on OpenSea as unhatched eggs with a floor price of 0.155. According to Paul “CryptoZoo” is a really fun game to play that makes money for the players. However, things aren’t the same after Coffeezilla exposed the project.

Findeisen talked with game developers & stated that Paul hasn’t paid the game developers, resulting in the pause of game developments. Moreover, the Lead game developer Eddie Ibanez has lied about his credentials claiming to be an MIT graduate & a Data scientist.

Findeisen has published three videos covering details of his investigation about the project. Logan Paul has responded to Findeisen’s claims by calling the reports “simply not true”.

In the latest update, Paul in a YouTube video stated that he unknowingly hired multiple criminals & conmen who lead and developed his crypto NFT project ‘CryptoZoo.’

Both parties involved in the tussle claims to have invited each other for discussions but no outcome has been achieved so far. Also check out RealZoo beating CryptoZoo in its own game

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