Top 5 influential Crypto stalwarts to follow in the down market

The Crypto market has undoubtedly taken a hit in 2022. From reaching an all-time high of over $2 trillion in marketcap, the industry is down to $870 billion erasing all the gains it made last year. We have tons of blockchain projects failing to survive the bear market. Giants like Celsius, Genesis, and FTX filed for bankruptcy while freezing customer funds without prior notice.

Many users have lost faith in the industry but there’s still hope as some of the stalwarts of cryptocurrencies are fighting to bring change and make the industry stand tall in front of the existing crisis. If you have lost faith in cryptos, it’s time to follow & listen from the right source, especially from these influencers.

1. Vitalik Buterin: Co-Founder of Ethereum and helping the network switch to POS from POW mechanism. Vitalik is your top guy to follow on social media esp. on Twitter for regular crypto updates. He’s the top brass working day & night to uplift the whole industry.

2. ChangPeng Zhao: Founder of the world’s largest exchange Binance. ChangPeng has always shown faith in the industry. He was the first to point out the bad practices of the FTX exchange which led to its fall. ChangPeng is very active on social media & you can follow him to restore your faith in the industry.

3. Michael Saylor: Founder and Chairman of MicroStrategy, Michael is a big believer in cryptocurrencies. His company MicroStrategy hold over 130,000 Bitcoins and still holding & buying in the down market.

4. Elon Musk: The billionaire entrepreneur & the owner of Twitter, Elon’s love for DogeCoin has taken the currency to the moon in the bull run. Rumours are, he is experimenting with Twitter Coin, a new crypto enabled currency to be launched on Twitter platform.

5. Justin Sun: Founder of Tron blockchain & the owner of Bittorrent. Sun wants to drive crypto adoption at the lowest possible cost. He’s also willing to buy some of the FTX assets to stabilise the market conditions.

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