Twitch Streamer and founder of Goobers NFT gambled away investor funds in Crypto Casinos

Famous Twitch streamer DNP3 who founded Goobers NFT and several other projects admitted to gambling away investor funds.

In a recent tweet by DNP3 saying “I’m sorry” and writing a note to the followers admitting his addiction to gambling is not welcoming news that the users want to hear in the new year.

DNP3 is the founder of several crypto projects including Goobers NFT, Gridcraft metaverse and charity-focused cryptocurrency CluCoin.

As inferred from the note published by him, DNP3 has been incredibly addicted to gambling.

He wrote “Every dollar I could find I would put into Stake in hopes of winning big. Even when the big wins did happen it wasn’t enough. Eventually, I lost everything. In addition to my own life savings, I also irresponsibly used investor funds to try and “get my money back” from the casino which was wrong for so many reasons.”

He further expressed being broken financially & spiritually and is on a path to recovery. It is still not clear how much money he has lost. The price of his project CluCoin nosedived by 63% and Goober NFT went down by 9% soon after the tweet went live.

The NFT collection is trading at a floor price of 0.0169 ETH with 968 ETH total trading volume recorded in the OpenSea marketplace.

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