Donald Trump NFT sold out, price surges within 12 hours

Former POTUS Donald Trump’s NFT sold out in just under 12 hours. The collection of 45,000 items sold at $99 each for a total of $4.45 million. Donald calls them Trump Digital Trading Cards.

According to data provided by the analytic firm Dune Analytics, nearly 13,000 users minted 3.5 tokens as soon as the collection hit the market. Trump had a special offer for first time buyers.

Anyone who purchased 45 NFTs worth almost $4500 will get a guaranteed chance of having dinner with him. Even in the down market, the rush for NFT was mind blowing, 115 users purchased 45 NFTs and 17 purchased 100 NFTs which is also the maximum number of NFTs a user can mint in a single order.

Data from the OpenSea NFT marketplace revealed that the collection’s trading volume has surpassed 900 ETH or $1 million+. The initial floor price of NFT was just $99 which now stands at $230.

2.4% of the 45,000 are among the rarest NFTs that are selling as high as 6 ETH at the time of writing. One of the rarest cards is where Donald trump is holding a torch in front of the Statute of Liberty, it’s valued at 20 ETH.

The sold-out news is welcoming for the already down NFT market. Especially when Bitcoin and other popular altcoins crashed by 70% and the marketcap is down to $870 billion from nearly $3 trillion, all-time high.

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