The Unexpected event of crypto billionaire deaths ignite conspiracy theories

The Crypto industry became the investor’s favourite in the year 2021. The industry rose to over $2 trillion marketcap and became a dominant force in the investing world. Whatever you put in was turning to gold. However, the euphoria didn’t last long. The market crashed by 70% erasing all gains.

If this wasn’t bad news, we have LUNA crash that further deteriorated the market. The conditions looked stable but then FTX blew up. Things are now moving sideways but suddenly we are hearing a wave of catastrophic events that have jolted the crypto industry. This time it was crypto billionaires’ deaths.

These people made their fortune in the crypto industry. However, their deaths have stirred the internet, giving rise to conspiracy theories. The names are Tiantian Kullander, Vyacheslav Taran and Nikolai Mushegian. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind the unexpected deaths of these crypto billionaires.

Nikolai Mushegian: Nikolai was the co-founder & the principal architect of MakerDAO. He was the brain behind the creation of DAI stablecoin in 2017, BitShare network & Balancer. He was also regarded as one of the brightest minds in the crypto industry.

Unfortunately, Nikolai drowned in the sea currents while holidaying in Puerto Rico. The news of his untimely death came days after he tweeted against CIA insisting CIA & Mossad are running a sex trafficking entrapment blackmail ring out of Puerto Rico and Caribbean islands. Strange!

Vyacheslav Taran: The 53 year old Russian Tycoon lost his life in a helicopter crash in good weather conditions. It is said that the fellow passenger refused to fly in the last minute. Taran was a crypto billionaire with links to the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service.

He was also responsible for the fall of Forex club that duped investors in 2018. Some of the reports hinted at his involvement in illegal activities including money laundering using cryptocurrencies.

Tiantian Kullander: He was the co-founder of Singapore registered crypto trading firm Amber group. He’s the latest victim of crypto billionaires’ death events. Reports revealed that he unexpectedly passed away in his sleep.

His sudden death has shocked the market as his firm just hit a valuation of $3 billion. Although the bear market has negatively impacted the growth of Amber group, forcing it to lay off 10% of its staff earlier this year. The medical history of Tiantian remains unavailable.

Javier Biosca: Javier was found dead on November 22, after being investigated in a case related to the biggest cryptocurrency fraud in Spain. He was a digital guru who duped over 750 investors worth 500 million Euros.

According to reports, he committed suicide by falling from the fifth-floor balcony.

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