All you need to know about NFL Rivals NFT game

NFL Rivals is the first official blockchain game with NFTs announced by Mythical Games.

Scheduled to be launched in early 2023, NFL Rivals will allow players to take over the team as General Managers. The game format is similar to North American football and it specifically caters to NFL fans in the country.

There hasn’t been much clarity on the game modes and in-game assets. However, the game has already announced “Rarity League” drops which are collections of “32 unique generative 3D NFL franchise-themed NFTs”.

These NFTs will be released before the game launch. According to the game report, NFL Rivals will be launched on web and mobile web browsers. Players can stay updated on the game development by subscribing to its Discord channel.

The company behind NFL Rivals i.e Mythical Games is a venture-backed gaming company bridging video games with economy driven gaming ecosystem.

The chief creative officer in a press release stressed upon game NFTs stating that NFTs will bring utility to the players in the game by leveraging ownership of in-game items in the manager mode.

The company will also shield the new gamers who are entering the web3 gaming space by using a custodial wallet. This feature will allow a smooth transition from web2 to web3 game without going through the complexities of blockchain technology.

For the existing and experienced web3 players, Mythical games will link their existing wallets via a bridge between its own chain and public network, just like Axie Infinity does with Ronin Sidechain by connecting with the Ethereum blockchain.

In the end, the focus is on Play-to-Own gaming mode and providing value to the gamers in the form of NFTs i.e NFL Rivals NFT.

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