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How to get brand approval on Flipkart – With required documents

How to get brand approval on Flipkart

In this post, I will cover how to get brand approval on Flipkart. After gaining knowledge on how to start business on Flipkart and giving you a walkthrough of the Flipkart seller dashboard. This is the third and important step for a Flipkart seller before listing products on the platform.

As communicated by the Flipkart team, brand approval on Flipkart is a mandatory step that a seller must comply with since it helps the platform to filter out duplicate products, hence increase the quality standard of the products across categories. It also strengthens the authenticity of the Flipkart seller selling on Flipkart.

Before I take you through the process, you should know the documents required to submit.

Brand approval on Flipkart. Required Documents –

Brand Logo:

It’s the graphical form of your company name or the identity your brand represents. For example, Nike is known for its “Swoosh” logo. Similarly, you should have a logo for your brand before you apply for brand approval on Flipkart.

Nike Swoosh logo

Brand Tag:

A brand tag represents your brand name with an MRP price and product details. It is mandatory to submit a brand tag for the brand approval process. In the image (shared below) you can see the example of a brand tag with an MRP label for Lee Jeans. Everything about the brand and product can be seen clearly in this brand tag. Similarly, you should create the same.

Lee Brand Tag

Brand Packaging:

This is required, but not a mandatory part of the process. You can click the sample image of your brand packaging and submit it for the brand approval process. Check the brand packaging of MDH Masala.

MDH brand packaging

Trademark or Brand Authorization letter:

The most crucial part of brand approval on Flipkart is having a registered Trademark or Brand Authorization letter which gives rights to sellers to sell the products online on any marketplace platform. If you wish to sell on Flipkart, this is a must-have document. Check the image of a sample Trademark certificate shared below. If you wish to have one for your brand you can visit Trademark Registration for details.

Sample Trademark Certificate

Remember, only soft copies are required to be submitted on the Flipkart seller platform for brand approval on Flipkart.

How to get brand approval on Flipkart – Complete Steps

Now that you’re clear about the documents required to be submitted on the Flipkart seller platform. The next step is, where to apply for the brand approval inside the Flipkart seller dashboard. Follow the post for further steps –

Login to the Flipkart seller dashboard and visit the Listings Tab –

Listing Tab

>>In the drop-down menu. Click the option of Add New Listings –

Add New Listings

>>Inside Add New Listings, Click the button “Add a Single Listing” –

Listing Button

>>Choose your respective category from the options provided –

Flipkart List of Categories

>>Enter the brand name. Once done, the Flipkart system will identify that it’s a non-registered brand on the platform, it will ask you to “Apply for brand approval” –

Apply for Brand Approval

>>Complete the form and submit the soft copies of the documents mentioned above –

Brand Approval Form

Wait for 1-2 days for Flipkart to revert back. Once approved, you’re all set to list your products on the platform. Remember, you can track brand approval requests by clicking the “Track Approval Requests” option on the Listings menu.

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Learn how to get brand approval on Flipkart Seller App

That’s how to get brand approval on Flipkart. Read my next post to learn how to do bulk listing on Flipkart. Feel free to contact me for Marketplace consultation. If you like the information shared, you can contribute and support my work.

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