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How to become Amazon seller in India | Complete Steps

In this post, I will explain how to become Amazon seller in India in 4 simple steps. If you’re an employee or starting your online business for the first time; this post is for you. If you also wish to start your business on Flipkart, you can read my post on How to start business on Flipkart. Let’s get started!

How to become Amazon seller in India, in 4 steps –

  1. Create an Amazon seller account
  2. Enter Seller Details
  3. Add your first product on Amazon
  4. Activate account

1. Create an Amazon Seller Account:

Login to Amazon seller central to create your seller account. Enter your email and choose a password to create a seller account on Amazon. Once done, it will take you to the next step where you need to verify your mobile number. Remember to enter a correct mobile number as it will be used for future communications like order pickup, return delivery, etc.

Amazon seller login page
Amazon Login Page

2. Enter Seller Details:

After verifying your mobile number, you are greeted with a screen where you need to enter the information in order to launch your store on Amazon. The screen contains the following tabs –

  • Amazon Seller Information
  • Tax Details
  • Seller Interview
  • Amazon Dashboard
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Amazon Seller Information:

On this tab, a new seller enters his/her unique store name, product category, and address. The address should be your pickup or warehouse address from where the shipping of your products will take place. Once the address details are entered, Amazon will confirm if your area is eligible for Amazon easy ship services, which is shipping done by Amazon on your behalf by charging a nominal fee. You’re now one step closer to the process of how to become Amazon seller in India.

Become Amazon seller in India
Seller Information

Tax Details:

In this section, you have to enter your GST number and PAN card details. Remember, if you do not have your GST number, you can still create an account on Amazon as an Amazon seller. It is always better to have these details ready to ease up the tax filing process.

how to become an amazon seller - Tax details
Tax Details

Seller Interview:

It is an extension of the process of knowing the new seller by Amazon. You will be asked for the possible categories you wish to sell your products, your annual turnover, from where you source your products, and relevant details.

How to become Amazon seller in India - Seller details
Additional Details

Amazon Dashboard:

It is the final tab. Amazon will ask you to create your listings and choose the shipping charges, you wish to charge as a seller (if any). It also asks you to enter your bank details, product tax code, and copy of your digital signature, to be uploaded on the panel.

Amazon listings
Dashboard options

3. Add Your First Product on Amazon:

On the dashboard tab, you will see the “Start listing” button. Click on it to list your products on Amazon using single or bulk listing methods. As a beginner, you can start by listing a single product. After listing your product and completing the details, you are eligible to activate your account.

Amazon Listing
Add a Product

4. Amazon Account Activation:

Once the formalities are done, you’re all set to activate your account. A “Go Live” button will appear on the dashboard prompting you to Activate your account. Click on it and your listing will be live on Amazon for selling.

Activate Amazon seller login
Go Live

That’s all about the process of how to become Amazon seller in India. Hope you find this post helpful. Check out related posts on Amazon and for the next step, read my post on the Amazon seller central tutorial. Happy selling.

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