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How to add products on Amazon | Bulk Listing on Amazon | Complete Steps

A new seller on Amazon must know how to add products on Amazon. Whether to add a single listing or bulk listing on Amazon, a seller has to go through the listing process to showcase his products on the platform. In this post, I will cover the listing process using two methods, shared below.

How to add products on Amazon –

  1. Single Listing on Amazon
  2. Amazon Bulk Listing

1. Single Listing on Amazon:

Single listing on Amazon is a straightforward process. A seller who wishes to list just a single or a couple of products can use this method. As covered in my post on Amazon seller central tutorial, you need to visit the Amazon Catalogue tab and choose the option “Add Products” from the drop-down menu.

Amazon catalogue Menu
Amazon Catalogue Menu

Inside the menu, you have an option to insert the product UAN, ISBN, or ASIN number to check if it’s already listed on Amazon. If you are selling a unique product not listed in Amazon, then you need to click on the option “I’m adding a product not sold on Amazon”.

Single listing
Amazon Single Listing

Once done, you will be greeted with a category menu. Choose your product category and sub-category from the list and proceed. After the completion of this process, a listing form is displayed by Amazon. You need to fill the columns and submit for quality check, once approved by the Amazon system, the listing will be live on the platform within 15 minutes. I will explain the important columns to fill on the listing form in the Amazon bulk listing method, shared below.

Amazon single listing
Amazon Listing Form

Remember, if you have multiple products, bulk listing on Amazon is a far better process than a single listing. It will shorten your time in half and improves efficiency.

2. Amazon Bulk Listing:

Want to list more products in the best possible time. Amazon bulk listing is your answer. It’s a simple and efficient process to get your products listed faster on Amazon. To access this method, you need to visit the Amazon Catalogue and choose the option “I’m uploading a file to add multiple products”.

Amazon bulk Listing
Amazon Bulk Listing

Once done, you will see a tab indicating to “Download an inventory file” by choosing a relevant category for your products.

Amazon product category
Amazon Category Selection

After the category selection, just below the manual, you will see a “Node ID” generated by the Amazon system. Node ID is a category-specific indicator that helps the system place and showcases the products on relevant categories or searches on the Amazon platform. For example – A casual shirt on Amazon will not showcase in the Footwear category, it will only showcase under the shirts category because of the marked Node ID against its listing. Therefore, make sure your Node ID should be relevant to your product.

Amazon Node ID
Amazon Node ID

You will see a yellow button asking you to generate the template file. Click on it to download the category-specific template file. Alternatively, use the inventory file menu to download the category-specific inventory as shown in the Amazon bulk listing video.

How to add products on Amazon. Bulk Listing –

After downloading, open the template file, you will see empty columns with specific headings. Enter the relevant data row-wise before uploading the same for quality check.

Amazon bulk listing template
Amazon Template File

Amazon Bulk Listing template sheet. Important columns info –

Column NameEntry type
Product Sub-typeEnter the category of your product from the list of dropdown
Seller SKUEnter the product SKU name
Brand NameEnter the product brand name. (Make sure its GTIN approved)
Manufacturing Part Number Enter a reference number for your records.
Product IDLeave this field blank.
Product ID TypeEnter value “ASIN” from the list of dropdown
Recommended Browse NodesAs discussed above, enter the respective Node ID
Colour MapEnter the color of your product
VariationEnter the product and its sub-types. For details, watch the video shared above
Update DeleteChoose “Update” for listing products for the first time.
Product DescriptionWrite a small paragraph explaining your product.
Key Product FeaturesEnter 5 short and informative bullet points in these columns
ImagesEnter product images in the URL format

After filling up the respective columns, click the “Upload your inventory file” option next to the “Download an inventory file”. Upload the file, enter your email Id to receive the processing update..

Amazon Upload file
Amazon Upload Inventory File

Once done, click on “Monitor Upload status” to track the success of your file. If there’s no error, your file will be processed successfully and the products will be displayed under the “Manage Inventory” inside the Inventory tab, ready to be live in the next 15 minutes.

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That’s how easily you can add products on Amazon using the Amazon bulk listing method. Read my next post to learn Amazon brand registry and check out all my post on Amazon. For queries or suggestions, feel free to reach me on Marketplace Consultation. Do like and share the post. Happy Selling!

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