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How to create Amazon coupon code inside Amazon seller central? Complete guide

Creating an Amazon coupon code inside Amazon seller central is a sure way to boost sales on the platform. Coupons are an important and integral part of online marketing and work equally well on all platforms including Amazon.

In this post, I will take you through the step-by-step process of how to create an Amazon coupon code inside Amazon seller central. Let’s get started.

As explained in my tutorial on Amazon seller central, there’s an advertising tab for marketing your listed products on Amazon. Inside the tab, you will find two methods that are used to list and create coupons on Amazon. These two methods are –

Types of Amazon Coupon Codes

  1. PDP Coupon Code
  2. Checkout Coupon Code
Amazon Advertising - Coupon promotions
Coupon Promotions

PDP coupon is for product display page while Checkout coupon is for Checkout page.

1. PDP Coupon Creation:

PDP stands for Product Display Page. This mode of coupon creation allows the user to select the coupon, post which the coupon is automatically applied at the checkout once selected on the product display page as shown in the image below –

PDP page Amazon coupon code
Product Display Page Coupon

How to create a PDP coupon code on Amazon?

Creating a PDP coupon code on Amazon is a very simple process which I will explain in the following steps:

  • Add Eligible Products
  • Add Conditions
  • Schedule & Submit

Add Eligible Products:

You need to visit the Advertising tab inside the Amazon seller central and click “Coupons” from the menu options. Once you enter inside the tab. It will ask you to add the eligible products on which the coupon will be applicable. Choose the products by adding the SKU IDs or ASINs and add them to the list. To know more about these terminologies, read my post on How to add products on Amazon.

PDP coupon creation
PDP Coupon Creation

Add Conditions:

In this step, you need to input the coupon details. Enter the amount of discount you wish to offer to the customer, your budget, and the limit of redemption, if any. Remember to keep track of your budget as it may shoot over your set limits.

Amazon coupon conditions
Amazon coupon conditions

Schedule and Submit:

This is the final step to activate the coupon. Enter a short title, select your target audience from the list and set a schedule. Once done, review and submit your coupon promotion and it will automatically reflect on the eligible PDP pages in a matter of minutes.

Amazon coupon code - Schedule
PDP Coupon Scheduling

Watch my video to understand the types of PDP coupon codes –

That’s how easily you can create an Amazon coupon code using PDP coupon creation.

2. Checkout Coupon Code:

Coupons that are entered manually by the users at the checkout page are known as checkout coupons. This is one of the best coupon promotions which can be used by an Amazon seller to promote his products on social media through ads or collaborations.

Amazon checkout page coupon entry
Amazon Coupon Code – Checkout Page

There are 3 types of checkout coupon promotions you can run on Amazon, listed below –

  • Single Coupon Creation
  • Group Coupon Creation
  • None Coupon Creation
Amazon coupon code types
Checkout Coupon Types

Single Coupon Creation:

A single coupon is a set of unique coupons created by an Amazon seller for a unique set of users. Each user is provided with a unique coupon code that can be used at the checkout page. These coupons carry similar discounts but are unique in nature.

Group Coupon Creation:

One coupon for everyone. A seller can create only one Amazon coupon code that can be used by any user until expiry.

None Coupon Creation:

Auto Discount Creation or None is the special type of checkout coupon which is automatically applied at the checkout.

How to create Amazon coupon code for checkout discount?

The process of creating all types of checkout coupons is pretty much similar. Follow through the steps to create your own Amazon coupon code –

  • Coupon Conditions
  • Coupon Schedule
  • Coupon Types
  • Review and Submit

Coupon Conditions:

Navigate to the Advertising tab and click “Promotions” from the drop-down menu. You will be presented with the option of creating a Money Off promotion, click on it. A form will be displayed containing three sections for coupon creation. The first section is coupon conditions. Here you have to enter the conditions as per your requirements. Choose the apt option from the menu provided.

Amazon promo code - Conditions
Checkout Coupons – Conditions

In the “Buyer purchases” row, you’re provided with three options where you have to select one condition which will meet your coupon’s requirement –

Amazon Coupon ConditionCondition Meaning
At least Amount (in Rs.)The least amount of basket value required for the Amazon coupon code to work
At least this quantity of itemsThe minimum quantity of items required for the Amazon coupon code to work
For every quantity of items purchasedThe minimum quantity of each item required for the Amazon coupon code to work

Choose the right fit for your promotion and proceed to complete the remaining rows. I have covered the details in the video shared above. Please watch the live demo to get a better understanding of the Amazon coupon code creation process.

In the second row for “Purchased items” enter the list of products you wish to run this promotion on or choose the entire catalogue if you want to apply for this promotion on the complete set of inventory, live on Amazon.

For details on this step, please refer to my video on Amazon Coupon Code –

Complete the conditions by entering the discount value and proceed to the next section of scheduling.

Coupon Schedule:

As the name suggests, you have to set a date and time for this coupon to turn active on the Amazon website along with a set date of expiry. Rows of “Internal description” and “Tracking ID” are for your reference. These won’t be visible to the buyer.

Amazon coupon code - Scheduling
Checkout coupon code – Scheduling

Coupon Types:

As mentioned above, you have to choose the types of coupons, you wish to create for this promotion and proceed to the review page.

Amazon coupon code types
Checkout Coupon Types

Review and Submit:

Review your promotion. Remember to check the conditions and the products eligible for the promotion. Make sure you have good inventory levels before running the promotion. Once done, submit the promotion. Your coupons will be activated as per the start date and time mentioned by you during the creation process.

Remember to take note of the activation and deactivation dates of the coupons, it will save you from missing out on possible sales.

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That’s how easily you can create an Amazon coupon code inside Amazon seller central. Make sure to read all my posts on Amazon and become a successful seller. For further assistance or help reach out to me for Marketplace Consultation. Keep creating good products & keep Selling!

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