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What is Amazon Brand Registry | Requirements & Trademark | Complete steps

How to register your brand on Amazon under the Amazon brand registry program? In this post, I will answer this question in a step by step process. After discussing How to become Amazon seller in India and explaining How to add products on Amazon, this is one of the important steps a seller should take to ensure the visibility of his brand on Amazon. Before explaining the process, let me highlight the advantages of the Amazon Brand registry program.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry –

  • Enhanced Listings
  • Creating a brand store
  • Product visibility and sales
  • Preventing duplicity
  • Improved brand recall

Enhanced Listings:

Amazon Brand registry will help you create a rich product display page by providing an option of enhanced listings. Check the image of a monitor listed on Amazon with an enhanced listing page. Better visuals drive more sales.

Enhanced listings page
Enhanced Listings

Creating a brand store:

Get your own custom URL on Amazon and list all your products on one page after getting the brand approval.

Amazon brand store
Amazon Brand Store

Product visibility and sales:

If you have a registered brand on Amazon. The chances of being picked by the Amazon system at the time of keyword searches are very high. Hence, the visibility of your branded products will increase automatically. As we say for online, more the visibility better will be the sales.

Preventing duplicity:

One of the best advantages of having your brand registered on Amazon is the ability to counter the fake or duplicate products selling on the platform under your brand’s name. You can raise a request to the Amazon seller support team to remove the duplicity since you’re the verified sole owner of your brand.

Improved Brand Recall:

If you have your brand registered on Amazon. You can have enhanced listings, a brand store and a brand name that can be easily remembered by the customers. Hence a registered brand name will help you with a better brand recall and results in more sales.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of the Amazon brand registry. Let me take you to the complete process.

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Amazon Brand Registry. Step-by-Step –

  1. Visiting the website
  2. Eligibility criteria
  3. Completing the Amazon brand registry form
  4. Wait for Approval

1. Visiting the website:

In order to register your brand on Amazon. You need to visit the Amazon brand services webpage. Click on the Sign In link and enter your seller credentials for the next step.

Amazon brand registry India
Amazon Brand Registry

2. Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for a seller before registering his brand on Amazon includes the following –

  • Must be a registered seller on Amazon
  • Must have a registered trademark
  • Must have a logo or a wordmark
  • Must have own branded packaging

Details on registering a trademark in India are covered in my post on Brand approval on Flipkart. Also, I have covered the meaning of each of these criteria in my Amazon brand registry video, shared below. If you’re eligible, accept the terms of use and click “Enroll your Brand”.

Enroll in Amazon brand registry
Enroll Brand

3. Completing the Amazon brand registry form:

This is the crucial step towards the Amazon brand registry. Please be ready with all the information. You will be presented with a set of questions, answers of which you need to either enter manually or choose from the list. Make sure to enter correct details and upload correct documents like Trademark, Product images, etc. Complete the form and submit it for approval.

Amazon brand registry form
Amazon Brand Registry Form

Watch my video on Amazon Brand Registry with complete steps –

4. Wait for Approval:

Once you have successfully completed and submitted the application form. The system will greet you with a Thank You page. Remember, the Amazon brand registry team requires 3-4 working days to check and approve your brand under the program. Therefore be patient, you need to wait before getting a response from the team.

Thank you page Amazon
Thank You Page

That’s how easily you can apply for Amazon Brand Registry. In my next post, I will explain the Amazon Listing Loader process, a way to bulk list the already listed products on Amazon by taking an example of the books category. Do check out my post on the Amazon seller central tutorial and remember to like and share this post. Happy Selling!

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