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Alibaba seller dashboard navigation | Seller ratings and more

Becoming an Alibaba seller and selling on Alibaba online shopping website for B2B transactions, demands higher star ratings and quality listings. In this post, I will take you through all the important tabs on the Alibaba seller dashboard, as accessed by an Alibaba member on Alibaba online shop

Alibaba seller dashboard tabs:

  • Shop
  • Products
  • Communications
  • Analytics
  • Contacts
  • Help Center


It’s the first tab inside the Alibaba seller dashboard. It contains link to your shop i.e the seller minisite and edit profile which can be used to update or edit your profile. Details from basic company information to export are included in this section. To know more about this tab, you can read my post on how to sell on Alibaba online shop

Alibaba seller - Shop


The primary use of this tab is to list your products on Alibaba and manage the listed products. It has an option of product optimization that helps you check the quality of your listing on the platform. As seen from the image shared below. You can check from the graph if you have a high-quality post or a poor-quality post. Hence, it helps you improve your visibility on the platform by providing you with the right feedback.

Alibaba seller - Product optimization center
Listing Performance
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Alibaba seller - quality score
Listing Quality


One of the most used and important tabs on the seller panel. The Communications tab is used for answering the buyer’s queries. It contains the database of all the notifications received from potential buyers and a tab of quotes management which is helpful in keeping track of your RFQ. To know more about this tab, you can read my post on Alibaba RFQ

Alibaba seller - Communications

Watch my video on Alibaba seller tabs –


Want to know your star rating as a seller? This is the tab for you. A health check of your Alibaba minisite and related benchmarks. Analytics will help you recognize your strengths and weaknesses. It contains ratings of the following indicators for Alibaba seller –

  • Number of premium products
  • Product information score
  • Inquiry response rate
  • Number of active visitors
  • Conversion rate

Apart from these indicators, there’s a lot more to discover inside the tab like individual product performance, performing and non-performing products, and much more.

Alibaba seller - Indicators
Performance Indicators


As the name suggests, this tab contains the list of your customer’s database which are in the form of a name, email-id, and contact number. Customers are the buyers who were in touch with you for product purchase or product inquiry, their details are stored inside this tab.

Contacts - Alibaba seller

Alibaba seller Help Center:

It contains Alibaba support and Alibaba learning center. All the required documents and know-how about the platform can be accessed from this tab.

Help center - Alibaba seller
Help Center

This is pretty much about the Alibaba seller dashboard. Keep exploring and do check out my post on the Alibaba app and Alibaba list of topics. Thank you for your visit.

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