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Alibaba app | Seller navigation on Alibaba shopping app

If you are an Alibaba seller, you must have heard of Alibaba App. This post is written especially for you i.e the sellers on the Alibaba platform. I will take you through the benefits and important tabs that you can navigate inside the app and much more. This app will allow you to stay updated and connected with the buyer seamlessly 24X7. Let’s uncover it step-by-step.

Here is the list of topics:

  • What is Alibaba?
  • How to download the Alibaba App?
  • Walkthrough Alibaba App.
  • Benefits for an Alibaba Seller.

What is Alibaba?

If you’re new to Alibaba or just started following my posts. You may want to know about Alibaba. Alibaba is a well-known platform that hosts millions of buyers and sellers, mostly for B2B or bulk transactions. If you want to know more about the platform and what it does. Please read my post on How to start selling on Alibaba online shop as an Alibaba seller

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How to download Alibaba App?

Alibaba app is available on both Android and iOS. It comes with benefits for both buyers and sellers on the platform, which I will explain later in the post. The download process is pretty straightforward. You need to open Android Playstore or AppStore to get the app and install it on your device, links shared below –

Alibaba app - Katoch Tubes
Alibaba App

Walkthrough Alibaba App:

Once you download and login with your seller credentials, you’re greeted with Alibaba’s dashboard where you can browse the products from various categories and check the latest updates. The dashboard also contains an important tab for Alibaba sellers known as Alibaba RFQ or Request for Quotation. You can check the purpose and details of this feature in my post on Alibaba RFQ

On the bottom right-hand side of the app, you will see an option of “My Alibaba”. Once clicked, it will take you to the detailed menu page which includes the following important seller tabs:

  • Manage Order
  • Request for Quotation
  • Inquiries
  • Manage Quotes
  • Shipping Address
Alibaba App - Alibaba seller tabs
Menu Options

At the bottom. You will also see a “Messenger option” which is also known as “TM Message Manager ” which works like a live chat. It’s the most valuable and useful feature of the app. It helps you connect with the buyer’s message instantaneously. Remember, the faster the response rate, the better are your chances of conversion.

Benefits for an Alibaba Seller:

I believe, by now you have got a fair idea of, why you need to install the Alibaba app on your device being an Alibaba seller. It is easier to track all your business discussions on the platform which includes RFQ status checking. Using the Messenger option to live chat with the buyer. It makes you more responsive and in touch with the platform no matter where you’re. Go ahead and download the app from the link shared above and boost your business.

For more details, check out my video on Alibaba App:

I hope you have found this post helpful. Check out my next post on how to check Alibaba seller ratings and feel free to get in touch with me for Marketplace consultation.

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